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Package for skin ailments, Psoriasis


Ayurvedic oil massage stimulates and relaxes the body instantaneously. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated along with the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Through this massage tense muscles relax, a stiff joint loosens and nerves are soothed. The massage lubricates and moisturizes the skin removing dead cells. The combination of an Ayurvedic Oil massage and a herbal steam bath is very effective to drain the body of toxins and to re-establish the biochemical balance of the body.

  • With suitable medicated oils it reduces dryness, heals the wounds.
  • We use special ‘sigmagna thailam’ for psoriasiform dermatitis for massage

    Popularly known as third eye treatment of lord Shiva, a therapeutic Marma head massage with herbal oils is done and herbal oil, medicated milk or herbal decoction is poured in gently and steadily over the forehead in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement. This results in a fantastic sense of deep relaxation and inner peace. It works on cerebral system, helps in relaxing the nervous system and balancing the Prana Vayu around the head. It improves the function of five senses, helps in insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, hair loss, fatigue, imbalance of Vata and makes one calm and fresh. Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on the central nervous system.

  • Skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, dryness, dandruff etc.
  • Thakra dhara( using specially medicated butter milk) is specially recommended for skin ailments

    It is a process by which the whole body or any specific part thereof is made to perspire by the application of certain medical puddings (made from Glutinous Rice) externally in the form of poultices. During the massage these bags are frequently dipped in the mixture of milk and herbal decoction. It is a therapeutic procedure for nerve weakness and wastage of musclesThese are the five basic cleansing therapies in Ayurveda. To correct the auto immune disorder, it is ideal to under ‘panchakarma’ therapies.


    The administration of drugs through the nose is called Nasya. Nasya is particularly useful in the treatment of diseases occurring in the organs situated above the clavicle. It will promote the functions of the sensory and motor organs above the clavicle. It specifically provides strength to the head, nose and neck. Indirectly it works on the whole body by improving the functioning of the endocrine glands. It will prevent premature wrinkling, graying and falling of the hair.


    Ayurveda recommends different types of ‘vasti karma’ (enema therapies) to rejuvenate the nervous system. The ‘ksheeravasti’ is a combination of medicines, ghee, milk, honey. This is done as a course of seven days along with other therapies.


    Emesis with suitable medicines is the prime treatment for skin ailments. Specially prepared medicines will be given to the patient for inducing emesis to eradicate the toxins from the body and clean the system.


  • Includes detailed consultation
  • Suitable internal medicines
  • Two Ayurveda therapies daily
  • 14DAYS: RS.30,000/-
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