Why we Suggest Anti Natal Care?

Month wise diet check Month wise special ayurvedic preparations for the mother Traditional oil application from the sixth month onwards Advice on activities that a pregnant woman should follow Medicines for morning sickness and other pregnancy related complaints

Why we Suggest POST NATAL CARE?

Special diet plans according to body constitution to make good the loss of the reproductive fluids, dhatus and blood during the pregnancy and delivery Medicines to tone up the uterus and overcome physical and mental stress Complete traditional oil massage for relaxation and increasing immunity Herbal water bath

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Internal medicines

Abdominal wrapping for tightening the loose stomach muscles Special head massage for preventing hair loss

External therapiess

Post natal care including abhyangam with suitable medicated oil, baby care, herbal medicines to mother for 14 days.

Speciality of Anti Natal Care

We come with experience of over 80 years in ayurvedic treatments carried out by an illustrious team of trained doctors.

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Note: The service of well experienced doctors, therapists and other staffs, hygienic healthcare facilities, effective and conventional medicines in tablet forms, authentic Panchakarma therapies, ambiance and convenience.

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